1. Fee will be deposited through www.apsdigicamp.com for the quarter ending March 2017-18.

2. The link will be available on www.apsdigicamp.com for fee deposited from 5th -10th of month.

3. if fee is not paid by due date , late fee will be charged as under :-

a) On 20th of first month of the quarter.
(i.e. Apr,Jul,Oct,Jan)
b) On 10th of 2nd month Rs.50/- (i.e. May,Aug,Nov,Feb)
c) On 10th of 3rd month Rs.100/- (i.e. Jun,Sep,Dec,Mar)
d) On 10th of 4th month Rs.150/-  

4. Parents are advised to keep the fee Booklet and receipts in their safe custody and produce for reconciliation if required.

5. Detail Instructions of fee deposits will be available on 04 Jan on same link on www.apskandrori.org .

6. User ID and Password is available with the student .

7. For any query Contact :- 9988140931 , 7528870932 .