COMPOSITION OF SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION & MANAGING COMMITTEE                                                                               SESSION 2022-23 AS PER ARTICLE 43 OF RULES & REGU                                              FOR APSs (MAR 2019 EDITION)
1. Chairman Comdt 9 FOD
2. Members

a). Senior Staff Officer Col 'A'/AAGHQ 21 Sub Area

b). One Commanding Officer Maj/Minor unit                                         OC 388 Coy ASC Sup

c). CWE/GE GE (S)

d). Two Parents of Students in the School (i). Nominated by the Principal                                                                ' (ii). 15 GUARDS

e). Two Teachers Rep of the School Nominated by the Principal

f). . Two Educationists (i).  Principal APS Unchibassi                                                                    ' (ii). Principal KV Nangalbhur
3. Secy Principal APS Kandrori
4. Additional Members (Based on requirements)

a). Adm Comdt Adm Comdt, Stn HQ Kandrori

b). OC Sig Coy/IT Qualified Offr CO 9 Corps Zone Wksp

c). SO to Chairman Major/Capt 9 FOD